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About the Program:

Every rider has asymmetries and functional deficits that can negatively impact our horses and our performance. This program is designed to identify any issues in motion, strength, posture, or balance that may be negatively affecting rider performance, effectiveness, safety, and confidence. The initial assessment will include recommendations to address physical deficits and fitness  concerns to help you meet your riding goals. In this unique fitness-based program, you will work with a licensed Physical Therapist who is not only an expert in human motion and function, but also an equestrian who has specialized training in this area.

Who This Program is Designed For:
  • Equestrians from any discipline
  • Riders returning to the sport
  • Senior riders looking to maximize performance and safety
  • Professionals looking to enhance their performance
Meet the Instructor:

Lisa Burch, PT, DPT, USEF Physical Therapist and experienced equestrian currently competing in local horse trials. Lisa has been a Physical Therapist for over 25 years and since moving to Aiken has had a chance to combine her passion for physical therapy with her passion for horses and the people who love them.

Rider Wellness for Equestrian Competition: Part One
The Home Horse

This is a unique device that simulates horse movement allowing for assessment and strengthening of core movement patterns required for effective.


Special Introductory Offer - ONLY $140 ($165 value)

Your first session is one-on-one for 40 minutes with Lisa Burch where she will interview you, listen to your concerns, do a full body assessment and provide exercise prescription and planning session to best address your concerns and the findings from the assessment.


Special Introductory Offer - $90 ($110 value)

Once the Initial Rider Assessment is completed, Lisa may advise you to follow up with her to best address your needs and desires. These are 40-minute, one-on-one sessions with Lisa where the purpose of each visit is specified on prior visit.

Once program is completed you may be given a recommendation to another discipline or service that may further enhance your performance or address continuing needs.