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Your golf game does not have to suffer as you get older. Do not accept losing distance or playing with pain. You can do something about it, and we can help.
Your golf score will benefit the most from a healthy and efficient body. Are you ready to prepare your body for the score you want? Ultimately, you are in charge of your body; we are just here to help you play better.
South Aiken Physical Therapy and Wellness does not offer golf lessons. We offer body lessons. We help you reduce pain and improve flexibility, strength, balance and muscle control.

About the Program:

Nobody knows your body and your capabilities and limitations better than you. As experts in human motion, we can help your body do more…and if pain is a problem we can help with that too. Take your game to the next level with South Aiken Physical Therapy and Wellness.

Our golf program is designed to help you play better and enjoy the game for many more years. Our movement specialists work with you - and your golf professional - to achieve your best swing. We use 16 movement tests to identify issues in motion, strength, flexibility, posture or balance that can hurt your swing and your game. Once those issues are identified, we form a plan to correct them.

Your initial assessment will be with a Physical Therapist and will include recommendations to address physical deficits and fitness concerns to help you meet your goals

This program is designed for:

  • Golfers of all ages
  • Golfers returning to sport after injury or surgery
  • Aging golfers who want to play longer and better

Meet Our Titleist Performance Certified Team Members:

Each team member has undergone specialized training through the renowned Titleist Performance Institute:

  • Asia Ennis, Physical Therapist Assistant
  • Baker Leigh, Physical Therapist
  • Darcy Armstrong, Physical Therapist
  • Justin Strickland, Certified Personal Trainer


Your first session is one-on-one with your therapist for 60 minutes. He or she will interview you, listen to your concerns, do a full body assessment and provide an exercise prescription and planning session to best address your concerns and the findings from the assessment.


Once the initial assessment is completed, your therapist may advise you to follow up again to address your needs help you reach your goals. These are 40-minute, one-on-one sessions, the purpose of which is specified on your previous visit.


Once the initial assessment is completed, working routinely with our TPI Certified Personal Trainer may be a great option to helping you reach your goals. Count on your program to be tailored around your needs, incorporating findings from your TPI screen and general conditioning. These are 30-minute, one-on-one sessions

Once program is completed you may be given a recommendation to another discipline or service that may further enhance your performance or address continuing needs.