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I have been a patient in 8 different physical therapy practices over the last ... more years than I want to count (over 35) for seven knee surgeries and chronic shoulder and neck problems. South Aiken Physical Therapy, physical therapists Darcy and Courtney are the best that I have worked with, by far.

They are outstanding in their knowledge, effectiveness, ability to reach and demonstrate movements, explanations of why what I was taught way back when is not what is as good as what is currently used, providing options for variety and best results. I have had outstanding success following the program designed for me!

I will use them again when I need further assistance, I have already recommended them to others, and I would send my nearest and dearest to them with complete confidence.

The practice as a whole is awesome - from the front desk staff to the assistants, to the other PTs I observed while I was in the facility. All seem happy in their work, are friendly and courteous, patients are not kept waiting ... they CARE.