Sean Daly

Sean Daly

Special credentials/Clinical specialty:

Sean grew up in Brisbane, Australia and worked there for several years after graduating college in 1989. He was recruited to Southwest Florida in 1993 and then relocated with his family to Aiken, SC in 1999, working in outpatient Physical Therapy before co-founding South Aiken Physical Therapy in 2007. A strong believer in educating his clients about their conditions, Sean seeks quick results and return to full function while still ensuring long-term benefits and good health for his patients. Since being in Aiken, and especially since 2007, Sean has almost exclusively concentrated his work experience and continuing education on the shoulder and knee joints – post-surgery, surgery prevention, fracture recovery and sports. Secondary treatment areas are the closely associated elbow and ankle injuries. Subsequently he treats a lot of rotator cuff repairs, joint replacements, fracture recovery, ligament reconstructions as well as the more common sprains and strains and overuse injuries of these areas. The most common sports for injuries seen are tennis, soccer, throwing sports, volleyball, running, swimming and gymnastics.


College education at University of Queensland studying under the internationally renowned Professor Gwen Jull and Dr. Carolyn Richardson, graduating with a Bachelor of Physiotherapy in 1989.


When not working on his granddad skills or spending time with his dogs, Sean is usually exercising – Running, biking, swimming – or on the golf course. He still does the occasional triathlon, half marathon or marathon as a way to stay motivated and set goals.

What do you like most about being a Physical Therapist? 

We have a great team of Therapists and support staff at South Aiken Physical Therapy that work well together and are committed to our patients. We are spoiled by our patients who are equally committed to getting better. All this makes for a very satisfying career as we see daily the positive effect we are having on peoples lives as they free themselves from pain and resume the life they desire.